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Welcome to the world of perfection and art, RS Construction & Architecture/Interior Design.  We are a team of passionate people, knowing that people dwell, work, play and relax in the spaces and places we design for them.  We understand that our work is combined with the expectations of our clients meeting both functional and aesthetic goals.  Let us meet for a chat via our website or phone!  Visit our office any time for your construction needs!


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Are you in need of a constructor who would provide quality construction with excellent architecture for your new project?  You have landed at the correct place!  Call Us To Get A Free Consultation!

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Our Specialization

We undertake construction projects of small individual houses to large commercial complexes. 


Our architecture would be a blend of urban design, style and elegance, contemporary outlook, excellent functionality and positive social impact.


We follow world class engineering benchmarks to ensure the highest stability to your buildings.

Interior Design​

We provide interior designs that suit your taste, style and budget.


We work on your construction projects on contractual basis.

Our Recent Projects

We have an outstanding track record of successfully completing a number of projects with uncompromising quality at affordable rates in our own home town Salem, Tamil Nadu.

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